The ‘ambassador of hate’ campaign pack

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The ‘ambassador of hate’ campaign pack

8 designs. 24 balloons in total.

Will all arrive deflated, of course.

  • 3 x “Bastard”
  • 3 x “Bitch”
  • 3 x “You are a waste of blood and organs”
  • 3 x “Old git”
  • 3 x “Old cow”
  • 3 x “Worst. Human. Ever”
  • 3 x “Happy fucking birthday”
  • 3 x “Another year closer to the sweet release of death”
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What could be better than bringing a bumper pack of abusive balloons to the next party you attend. It would surely make any birthday party into something special. A real talking point don’t you think?

These funny party balloons will really bring a little misery to the proceedings.