The Birthday collection

Black latex balloons available in mixed packs or as single designs.

Perfect for any birthday party.

mixed design packs of 13

Rude birthday balloons
'It's their party and they'll cry if YOU want to' (pack of 13)
Rude birthday balloons old man's birthday
'The old man's birthday' (pack of 13)
'The old woman's birthday' (pack of 13)

single design packs of 5

Happy Fucking Birthday balloon
'Happy Fucking Birthday' balloons (pack of 5)
Old Git Balloons
'Old Git' balloons (pack of 5)
'Another Year Closer' Balloons
'Another year closer to the sweet release of death' balloons (pack of 5)
old cow balloons
'Old Cow' balloons (pack of 5)

“Fabulous abusive dark and wrong…love them”
Maggie Cuzak, June 29th 2016

“Huge hit! Quality product and fast ship. Will purchase again!”
Julie Wright, May 21st 2016

“Will definitely buy from Lead balloons again.”
Hannah Hamer, June 29th 2016

“Just as described ^.^ the birthday boy was delightfully offended.”
Supermarioqueen, April 12th 2016

“It helps make a birthday UNIQUE. Thank you again”
Soniaali3, May 25th 2016

“He loved them as did everyone else”
Heather Low, March 29th 2016