There’s only one reason why companies have Frequently Asked Question sections; to stop pesky customers from taking up too much of their time.

So here goes…


Mr Lead Balloons, with all your charity work and amount of time you clearly spend at the gym, how on earth do you have the time to run the greatest website in the world?
Thank you for asking.
Yes it is a struggle but it is something I feel the world needs. You’re welcome.

Where are you based?
Hove, UK. I find living near the sea helps to maintain my positive outlook. I particularly enjoy the seagulls.

I live in USA, how long will it take to get my order?
I will get your order in the post within 48 hours, 90% of the itme it will be next day. The Post Office states 7-10 working days for the farthest reaches of the planet (USA, Canada, Australia) but Europe should be a bit quicker. Please note that refunds can’t be given if your intended event is sooner than this estimate and the balloons don’t reach you in time.

Can these ballons be filled with helium?
Yes they can. It’s best to fill them as late as possible as they do have a finite lifetime.  They will stay floaty for 6-8 hrs before they start to look a little world-weary and depressed, which is ideal if you think about it.

OK I am sold. I love everything you do and I want to be kept up to date with all your shenanigans. How do I do that?
Follow on Facebook and Twitter I guess. And tell everyone you know……